Internationally renowned tenor singer Fan Jingma creating a new genre “Chinese YAGE”

April 28th Los Angles, Internationally renowned tenor singer Fan Jingma accepted the invitation as Senior Art Adviser” of “The Beverly Arts” in the famous Patina in the landmark building Disney Music Hall of downtown Los Angeles. He said that through the mainstream platform of “Beverly Art in the United States”, he will promote the “China YAGE” he advocated in recent years, and transform Chinese poetry and song into the music language of the world, helping Chinese culture to become broader on global stages.

Fan Jingma, who has starred in more than forty opera characters in the world’s major opera houses, with fluent English speaking he summed up his own acclaimed to the French Chandon, the German Lieder and the Italian Bel Canto, the expression of the experience. He believes that these unique and genital singing styles are mainly a perfect match between music and the language of each language. The “YAGE” that he first proposed and advocated is that he hopes to show the high-standard elegance of Chinese culture in the international society by combining the expression of Chinese poetry and songs with the corresponding music.

He said that the core of YAGE is “Elegant”: through the literati’s inner world’s revealing and returning to the true singer, in the poetic singing, the aesthetics of Chinese singing is elevated to a high aesthetic. The Chinese singing art is presented on the stage of music in a noble and popular way, both elegantly and naturally, in order to transcend the aesthetic differences and prejudices between the “poetry” and “song” of the East and the West, and achieve a harmonious unity in the spiritual realm. It can not only implicitly and truly reflect the noble cultural tastes of the Chinese nation, but also be accepted by the world naturally. It is the aspiration and foundation for the birth of the “China YAGE”.

The co-chairman of The Beverly Arts, the founding president of the American International Documentary Film Association, Oscar winner, and Hollywood famous director Harrison Engle presented the certificate to Mr. Fan Jingma. He said that so far, Fan Jingma is the only Asian expert artist invited by the agency and the only Chinese singer with international high profile with The Beverly Arts.

Mr. Fan Jingma and director Harrison Engle exchanged gifts and souvenirs. It is also agreed that “China Yage and “Beverly Art” will strengthen cooperation in the future. He also appointed a well-known bilingual host, Mr. Joey Zhou, as a spokesperson for the “Guo Feng Ya Ge Art Center” in North America.

Fan Jingma studied at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, the Central Conservatory of Music, the Parma Verdi Conservatory of Music, and the Juilliard School of Music in the United States. Known by the world famous tenor singer Domingo as “the rare tenor in Europe.”

Danish royal family member HH Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe; California State University Los Angeles Art Department professor Richard Wearn; Former Mayor of Covina, Daniel Smith; famous international art curator, Phillip De Clare, one of the founders of Beverly Art (TBA); Hollywood famous photographer, Beverly Art Consultant Sheri Determan; Los Angeles-based bilingual host, Joey Zhou, co- founder of Beverly Art; Dean of JMK Model Institute, Beverly “Art” co-founder Juie Ping Shen in attendance of the ceremony.

Joey Zhou, co-founder of The Beverly Art and the “Zhou Zheng Art Channel”.

Fan Jingma (Left) and Harrison Engle (Right)

Juie Ping Shen

Phillip De Clare