Paren Investment Ensures Complete Success of the Global Capital and Deal Making Conference

New York, NY, (November 27, 2016) – The Global Capital and Deal Making Conference, held last month, witnessed the inclusion of institutions like All America Chinese Chamber of Commerce, STSC, USCGCC, ICN and AACYF. The event was orchestrated and organized by Paren Investment.

The event witnessed Ba Xing, the founder of the Mara Conservative Fund, to be a specially invited guest. He came to the occasion to discuss his social impact activities in Africa, which is one of the latest trends of social impact investment. The event focused on assessing various investment possibilities and saving money and time for global capitalists and investors.

Kathy Xiao, Gerard Mc Keon, Julie Wong, Eric Liu and Dawei Pang are some of the well known as esteemed business and community leaders who took part in the forum. Sino-Ocean and STSO are some of the popular businesses that also participated in the event.

Paren Investment took care of all the event details. The Global Capital and Deal Making Conference became a resounding success, and the event without a hitch due to the efforts of the staffs of the company. It managed to bring together people associated to global capital and deal making at a single platform, and helped them to share knowledge. It brought consultants, investors and bankers together at the same place.


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