Encourages from America Chinese leader Samuel Kang, the Mayor of the City Of Duarte

Duarte, CA (January 18, 2017) – Samuel Kang is a Chinese American leader of immense repute. A wonderful businessman, who did a lot amazing job for the city of Duarte. A man with a golden heart, Sam helps the city with his leadership skills. Leadership is one of the strongest skills of Kang, and he knows how to communicate with others and work together. He is a man with a mission – to create a perfect environment for business, education and medical work in the city. In 2016, Kang has become the Council Member and Mayor.

Besides his leadership, he is also a great businessman. He runs a flourishing business, and has also had a restaurant business earlier. He has a great vision for global business collaboration and he helped a lot of International business communication.

Besides all these wonderful leadership and business adventures, he has a big heart to help the society as well. He is involved with the Morning-Star foundation and gives back more than 10,000 USD to the society. Along with his business leadership skills, he has the vision to promote international business. His endeavors have helped immensely on the collaboration of US, Mexico and China on both sides.

He has been appointed as a board member of the NLC (National League of the Cities). He is collaborating with local schools and the City of Hope to found an accelerated program that focuses on students in IT and healthcare.

He advises the international businesses and young generation to have proper vision, and to take actions when it is time. However, before taking actions he urges people to get proper advice from AACCOC and various other reputed chambers and from different experts who are ready to offer assistance.

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