Shandong business event yields fruitful results

(|Updated : 2020-07-03

Shandong’s 16 cities have achieved fruitful results during a recent online business promotional event.

The Second Conference of Great Business Partners and International Summit on Innovation and Development of Youth Entrepreneurs, hailed as Shandong’s first high-level activity this year for opening-up and investment, was held via online channels on June 30.

With its main venue set up in Jinan, the event featured online project promotions in 16 cities across Shandong.


A total of 24 major projects are signed online at the Jinan sub-venue on June 30. [Photo/Jinan Daily]

At the Jinan sub-venue, 24 projects related to sectors such as headquarters economy, intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment, and new generation information technology were signed. The combined investment value of these projects was 44.3 billion yuan ($6.27 billion).

During the event, Qingdao, a coastal city in Shandong, highlighted its strategy for building the world’s industrial internet capital and signed 18 key projects worth 15 billion yuan.

A total of 12 major projects costing 62.4 billion yuan were inked at the Yantai sub-venue, during which local authorities highlighted the city’s preferential policies, business environment and strategic industries.


Yantai signs deals for projects worth 62.4 billion yuan on June 30. [Photo provided to]

In Dezhou, six projects amounting to 13.9 billion yuan in investments were signed.

The sound business environment and geographical advantages in Rizhao brought the city five key projects worth 5.28 billion yuan.

At the Weifang sub-venue, the city promoted 136 key projects worth 62.65 billion yuan and highlighted its national agricultural open development comprehensive pilot zone.

Zaozhuang signed eight projects covering healthcare, tourism, new material, integrated circuit and high-end equipment. It also promoted 22 projects.

Weihai city highlighted its economic development, investment policies, business environment and government services. It signed seven projects involving intelligent equipment, medical technology, RV manufacturing, industrial park operation and other high-end fields.

Zibo city promoted 20 major projects worth 70 billion yuan at the event and signed 12 projects worth a net 6.93 billion yuan in investment.

About 230 guests attended the event at the Heze sub-venue where the city’s development strategies and industries were promoted. Twelve projects with a total investment of 31.96 billion yuan were signed.

Thirteen projects were signed at the Jining sub-venue, involving 8.5 billion yuan in investment mainly in new infrastructure and industrial development.

Dongying signed 17 projects worth 23.9 billion yuan in investment.

Binzhou city promoted key projects in incubation carriers, key industries and major infrastructure at the event.

A total of 16 major projects costing 25.58 billion yuan were inked at the Tai’an sub-venue.

Linyi city signed 13 key projects while Liaocheng inked 10 projects.