China Deputy Consul General Shuangming Dai arrives in Los Angeles

Deputy Consul General Shuangming Dai of Consulate General of P.R. China in Los Angeles, arrived in Los Angeles and met with local Chinese American community on 8/8 evening in Monterey Park.


Shuangming Dai


Lei Wang

Replaced former Deputy Consul General Lei Wang is going to Consulate General in New York according to some Chinese community leaders.


Ms. Shechao Li

The welcome Dai’s banquet  was hosted by Chinese American Federation. President Ms. Shechao Li represents local Chinese American community’s welcome to Deputy Consul General. Dai and appreciation to leaving Deputy Consul General. Wang.

Before Dai’s new position in Los Angeles, he worked for Embassy of P. R. China in Australia.



Consul Xiaoyi Chen (left 3), Oversea Chinese Affairs Section.




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