Top 10 news of Southern California Chinese Communities

American Chinese NGO Research Association, North American Chinese New Media Poll Center, American Chinese Youth Journalists Association, the English version of the “Los Angeles Post” and other agencies jointly announced on December 19, “the United States Southern California Chinese community 2017 Top Ten News “selection results.

The selection results are based on professional polls, news impact, social influence, combined with online search rankings, social media traffic (one of the new selection indicators this year) and other integrated approach. This is the ninth consecutive year that the relevant agencies announced the results of the annual Top Ten News Awards of the Chinese Community in the Southern California Region. The results of the selection were also released in both Chinese and English versions.

As can be seen from the selection results, the Chinese community in Southern California showed a more diversified development in 2017 with a higher degree of specialization and a rapid increase in its ability to integrate into the local mainstream society. New Generation Societies, International Student Organizations, and Elite Societies continued to adapt to the rapid social changes in the fields of social welfare, creating an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, building a high-end communication platform for Chinese communities, and inheriting Chinese culture. Various new types of clubs were launched and hosted Activity style, content and theme, walk in the forefront of innovation and development of Chinese communities, in the United States showed a new type of Chinese image.


According to the time sequence of events, the top ten news of the Chinese community in 2017 in Southern California are:

1. 2017 American Chinese 30-year-old Outstanding Entrepreneurial Candidates 2017 (AACYF 30 under 30 2017) co-sponsored by the All-China Youth Federation, the Chinese Overseas Public Service Association, the United States International Chamber of Commerce and other organizations January start accepting Recommended, registration, announced the results of the selection in March. This is the first overseas selection of 30-year-old entrepreneurs (30 under 30) set up by Chinese-based youth entrepreneurs overseas. The selection process and results have attracted wide public concern and have generated nearly a million social media platforms .


2. The 1st North American Chinese International Youth Volunteer Charity Annual Meeting organized by the Chinese nonprofit organization of Southern California, “North American Job Openings”, was held on January 21 in Los Angeles. The First North American International Youth Community Philanthropy Development Forum was held at the same time. The International Student Family Care Fund, which is used to fund families of overseas students, was launched at the annual meeting.


3. On February 26, 2017, LEAP, a non-profit organization sponsored by Chinese scientists, conducted a teacher’s day activity at UCLA to invite “Big Cattle” tutors from all walks of life to meet with mentors from well-known universities in Southern California Hundreds of outstanding Chinese students met to select and fit mentors and students from each other. For the students to provide employment, professional growth, career development, leadership, and emotional intelligence and life and so provide the most personal and caring “mentoring” professional counseling.


4, Organized entirely by the Chinese community, invited by the Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra of China Conservatory of Music, which is hailed as the highest standard of Chinese national music, to perform the “Four Sides of the Wind” concert at the famous Arcadia Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles – International Conference on Music Dialogue and Cooperation. This concert is a rare and high-end chamber music show in southern California in recent years. For the mainstream society, celebrities attracting the cultural circle of Los Angeles are almost halfway between. They are honored as a grand event in Los Angeles Chinese community cultural circles in recent years.


5. The 2017 California China Forum, co-hosted by the Southwest China Student and Scholars Association (SWCSSA) and the University of Southern California’s Chinese Students and Scholars Association (USCCSSA), was held on April 9 at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles (USC). This year’s forum takes the theme of “the collision of Sino-U.S. Culture and technological innovation.” This forum is hailed as the largest and most international forum for China in the Southern California region.


6. At the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, the Friends of Hong Kong and Maucao of the United States took the lead in convening a gathering of overseas Chinese in Southern California to hold a grand celebration of the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China Town in Los Angeles, China. The media and media both at home and abroad paid close attention to this celebration. The influence and representativeness of the event are demonstrated.


7. The “First All-American Chinese Youth Leadership Summit” co-hosted by the Chinese Association, the All-China Youth Federation and the China Postgraduate Students Association at the University of Southern California was held in Los Angeles on September 18. The theme of the summit is “Showing Excellence – Driven by Innovation”, focusing on the future orientation of ethnic Chinese youth in the society as well as the selection of subjects, career development, innovation and entrepreneurship, etc., as well as the ethnic Chinese youth Interests should be responsible and other forward-looking topics to discuss.


8. On September 24, the World Chinese Cultural and Arts Exchange Center and other institutions hosted a golden gathering of Chinese literature and art circles in Los Angeles to discuss the experiences of Chinese literature and art creation as well as the topics of overseas Chinese cultural spread and inheritance. The center’s member, a professor of Chinese languages, was the first in the United States published in 2017 by the American Macmillan to study the American-Chinese comparative literary monograph entitled “Transsexual, Genres and Forms of Chinese Literature in the United States.” For the American literary world to study and understand the important writings of American Chinese literature.


9. The Chinese students in Southern California universities hold a large number of activities that conform to the needs of the international students and the development of the times. Southern California Elite has become a brand of high-end social activities among the international student groups in the United States. For the first time in Los Angeles this year, Southern California students also had their own large-scale fellowship “North American Students Night” on November 11. At the same time, foreign students sponsored film festival, career development, innovation forum, variety show, basketball league and other professional activities in mainstream society had a considerable influence.


10. The printed and electronic version of the “Everbright Inheritance – 30 Years of Najib Chinese History” translated by the Southern California Chinese Cultural and Historical Preservation Foundation for almost four years was officially announced on December 10 in Los Angeles. The experts and scholars who have studied the Asian-Pacific history and culture in the United States have been hailed as “milestones in the modern history of American-Chinese Americans and in the gaps in the modern history of Chinese immigrants in the history of the United States.” (AACYF Los Angeles News)


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