Southern California Shanghailanders Celebrate Chinese New Year Gala

On February 3rd, about 400 Shanghailanders gathered in Bicycle Resort to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year.  SoCal Fudan University Alumni , Shanghailanders Association and SoCal Shanghai University Alumni co-hosted the gala.

President of Shanghailanders Association Leo Chu,  a very successful Chinese American entrepreneur, President of SoCal Fudan University Alumni  YongGang Li Professor of USC, President of SoCal Shanghai University Alumni Tian Zhou, Education Consul Qian Cao delivered best wishes to all guests.

Fudan Univeristy is recognized as one of China’s Ivy League Universities.

Shanghai is the largest metropolitan city in China similar to New York in the U.S.

President Li and team set up check in table at 8:30

Shanghailanders association check in table ready

Gorgeous Gala hall

Fudan alumni checking in

President of Shanghailanders Association Leo Chu

President of SoCal Fudan University Alumni  YongGang Li

Education Consul Qian Cao of China Consulate General in Los Angeles

From Left: Yonggang Li, Leo Chu,  Mr. Zeng, Peizhao Dong

From left: Poet Wei Shi, Shanghailander Association founder Bing Liu, UCLA Chinese Liabrary Hong Cheng, LAPOST Richard Ren

Hong Cheng (Left 3) welcomes Guests Professor Clayton Dube (Left 1) and his wife (Right 2), Local Radio anchor ULan (Right 3), Angie (Left 2)

Leo Chu and his wife

Entertainment: Yue Opera

USC US-China Institute executive director Clayton Dube and his wife

1st place raffle winner(Right)



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