Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 92nd birthday

Cheers to another year! Queen Elizabeth II officially celebrated her birthday with a festive parade known as Trooping the Colour on Saturday, June 9.

The monarch, who turned 92 in April, was joined by many members of the royal family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have joined the Queen for the Trooping the Colour parade to mark her 92nd birthday.

Prince Harry and his new wife Meghan, who married last month, arrived as part of the carriage procession.

Prince Philip, who retired from royal duties last year, did not attend the military parade. He turns 97 on Sunday.

Field Marshal Lord Guthrie fell from his horse during the parade and has been taken to hospital.

Lord Guthrie, 79, is the former head of the Army and then Chief of Defence Staff, the UK’s most senior military officer.

The royal family gazed on as the 1st Battalion The Coldstream Guards trooped in the queen’s honor. Following the ceremony, the British ruler was escorted back to Buckingham Palace via a carriage ride, where she and the family met up on the balcony to watch a Royal Air Force display. Queen Elizabeth rode solo as Prince Phillip was absent from this year’s event. The Duke of Edinburgh retired from public duties last August and has been dealing with health issues this year.

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