George Chen Swears-in as Torrance Councilmember

Taiwanese American George Chen’s won Torrance council seat in his first attempt, finishing second behind top vote-getter Tim Goodrich on June 5th election. The installation service held in July 10th in Torrance Council chamber. About 100 his supporters and friends attend the ceremony.

As a retired engineer, George’s campaign was also being watched closely from the kick off, since Torrance had no Asian-American representation on the council for many years, even though the city has a population of about 35 percent Asian American.

“Hopefully my win is not because of my ethnicity or the color of my skin, but because people believed in my qualifications and my experience,” he said. “I can represent Asian-Americans just as well as non-Asian-Americans.

Torrance local Chinese American residents hope George can help bring Chinese classes to public high schools.

George with his family members

George with his family members, supporters and friends

George with his mother

George with his wife

George’s family members at swearing-in ceremony

LA County supervisor Janice Hahn (Middle) appreciates all the contributions for outgoing Torrance council-members.

George receives congratulations Dr. Sophie Wong from his seat

Ex-Mayor and current councilmen Mitchell Ing of city of Monterrey Park

Mitchell also was George’s UCLA classmate


Noted Torrance real estate owner Arun Bhumitra (Left)



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