Sri Lanka Consulate General Los Angeles hosts its 71st Independence Day reception in Pasadena

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Consulate General Los Angeles hosted some 200 invited guests from the Southern California business, cultural and political sphere, as well as members of the diplomatic corps and other international guests at 71st Independence Day (February 4th) celebration on February 7th at Pasadena consul general’s residence.

The celebration marked Sri Lanka’s 71st birthday, and gave Sri Lankans in the states and American citizens the chance to engage in the traditional Sri Lanks revelry and cheer surrounding the holiday.

Consul General Swarna Gunaratne

“Sri Lanka is a nation with renewed optimism and sustained reforms. The path travelled was so long over 2500 year with rich cultural heritage, best agricultural and irrigation facilities, best education at no cost, healthcare with zero cost. “Consul General Swarna Gunaratne said in her speech.

“We are one of the nations that own the best photographed location in the world.”

“We are emerging as a virgin destination where actual potential for expansion of tourism industry is still to be tapped. Sri Lanka is becoming one of the most sought after destinations that cannot be matched by any other nations easily. “

“The Sri Lanka Tourism and the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka have identified the travel and leisure sector as one of the key sectors for foreign investment and joint venture participation. I am very pleased to invite the US based entrepreneurs and the corporate sector investors to join with Sri Lanka to be a partner of this progress.”

“One of the other main focuses of the Government of Sri Lanka is Tea industry. The Ceylon Tea industry has become Sri Lanka’s most important industry representing the agricultural sector and accounting for about 19% of the nation’s foreign revenues. Tea is getting increased attention globally because of its variety of health benefits. In this context I am well convinced that Ceylon Tea is supporting economies around the world to have healthy citizens and bring down expenditure on public healthcare. “

Christina J. Hernandez, regional director of Office of Foreign Missions of U.S. Department of State; Stephen Mworsho Lorete, Consul General of Kenya; Marco Antonio Valverde Carrasco, Consul General of Bolivia; Mame Toucouleur MBaye, Honorary consul of Senegal and H.M.B Herath, Deputy Consul General of Sri Lanka attended the reception.

The crowd joined together for Sri Lanka video, photo exhibition, traditional food, drinks to mark the occasion. Both Sri Lankan and American based vendors supported the event making sure the guests didn’t go home hungry.

Lourdes Saab (Right), Chief of Protocol of County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, presents congratulatory certificate to Consul General Swarna Gunaratne (Left)

Certificate presented by representative of Mayor of City of Los Angeles

Sri Lanka photo exhibition

David De Candia, Senior Director of Tea

Niroshan Kahawatte (Left)  of ITRIX TEA with Consul General