The Beverly Hills Ball of 2019 Kiss The Monkeys with The Beverly Arts and Craig Shelly

The Beverly Hills Ball, hosted by Kiss The Monkeys and The Beverly Arts and Craig Shelly Beverly Hills, is attended by more than 400 Hollywood celebrities, business and community leaders on a national level, and is sponsored by leading international businesses. Kelly Lebrock and Jeff Hoffman are the features of this year’s Ball. 

The ball general producer is notable TV anchor Joey Zhou who is the founder of the Beverly Arts as well.

The Beverly Hills Ball is a world-class charity event featuring an evening of fine dining, spectacular entertainment, and a lively party. This year’s ball honors celebrities and entrepreneurs who give back to the community philanthropically and/or professionally.

This year’s honorees, Katrina Laibing Lu, Aris Ai, Zehra Sun, Daniel Winn, Betty Zhang have given so much to their community as successful entrepreneurs, artists, leaders on Chinese American women, volunteers, and as trusted professionals in their fields. They ALL have worked tirelessly to make communities a strong, safe, and friendly community.

One of most influential artist, honoree Sir Daniel Winn said:  “I am honored to receive this year’s “Outstanding Philanthropist” from KTM Beverly Hills Ball. I share this award to everyone that has contributed to charities and to the less fortunate; making the world a better place for all. I am grateful for the recognition and will continue my journey in life to share what I can and to support those in need.”

Super star, actress and model Kelly Le Brock told Joey Zhou when interviewing: “I have been in love with Chinese medicine , for well over 35 years . I have since a small girl been fascinated by the culture , the landscapes and the way the big cities function with so many. I would be honored to make a difference, to bridge all people ,with  our hearts and our wisdom and NOT our differences. It has never been more important than it is NOW , to reach out to all corners of our beautiful world , for we are ONLY ONE planet”

Kiss The Monkeys founder Alexander Harris (Left 1)

HTTV anchor Joey Zhou (Left) interviewing Jeff Hoffman (Right) 

HTTV anchor Joey Zhou (Right) interviewing Kelly Lebrock (Left) 

HTTV anchor Joey Zhou (Left) interviewing Katrina Laibing Lu (Right) 

HTTV anchor Joey Zhou (Left) interviewing Ms, Aris Ai (Right) 

Host Joey Zhou and Hostess Berrin Aktug

Shennel founder Aris Ai (Left 2) and her team

Joey Zhou (Right) founder of the Beverly Arts, Julie Shen (Left)

Zehra Sun, co-founder of MDSUN

Kelly Lebrock and Jeff Hoffman (Right)

Zehra Sun and Sr. Daniel Winn

MIngMing Wang (Left) from Thunder International Group INC