Jinan community market automates temperature checks


The automatic infrared sensor system detects people’s temperatures at the entrance of a community market in Jinan’s Shizhong district. [Photo/dzwww.com]

An intelligent automatic infrared sensor system was installed at the entrance of a community market in Jinan’s Shizhong district, helping take people’s temperatures through non-contact inspection and automatic alert.

When people walk through the entrance, their temperature will be taken and displayed almost instantly on a monitor.

The detection system is supported by Shandong Deying Information Technology Company and features the most advanced technology in China. It is the same system that Beijing Daxing International Airport is using, according to a technician in the company.

“To install the system, we overcame a lot of difficulties in distribution and logistics,” said a staff member, surnamed Liu.

The system cost a total of 160,000 yuan ($23,188.4).

The intelligent system makes it much easier to take temperatures and is more accurate as well, lowering the chances of infection.

Liu said the technology will help realize his goal to make the market more intelligent in the future.