Shandong Eldercare to receive more support

By Zhao Ruixue in Jinan|(| 2020-03-24

Some local authorities in China are launching measures to ease the pressure eldercare service providers are feeling amid the coronavirus epidemic.

A total of 24.6 million yuan ($3.47 million) in subsidies has been allocated to eldercare providers in Shandong province, according to Shandong Bureau of Finance.

Subsidies are based on the number of beds used by the elderly.

“The subsidies are timely,” said Yang Tonghui, deputy head of a nursing home in Linyi, Shandong.

The facility, which now has 23 staff members who care for 57 elderly people, received 8,000 yuan ($1,125) in subsidies on Friday for epidemic prevention and control.

Hunan province launched five measures last week to support privately run eldercare service organizations.

In addition to paying subsidies to providers that have adopted closed management, Hunan will reduce rent and taxes.

Jiangsu province will delay tax payments for those eldercare providers whose businesses have been hurt by the epidemic.

The province also will ensure that supplies of food and materials used for preventing and controlling the virus will be available.

Jiangsu has called on eldercare service providers to use the internet, big data and artificial intelligence to master the physical conditions of the elderly who live in their homes and reduce the risk of infection.