Local Chinese communities in action amid Covid 19 outbreak in Los Angeles

The Chinese American Federation, one of the largest Chinese American entity in Los Angeles, is leading Chinese communities for Supporting Our Hospitals actions amid the recent Covid 19 outbreak.

Right after the Governor and County issued Stay-at-Home orders on March 19, the Chinese American federation led by president of the Chinese American Federation Simon Shao, Chairman of the Board Michael Xiong, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Joey Yu, Secretary-General Pang Fei, and Honorary President Sher Li, held an emergency online meeting on the afternoon of March 20,  issuing an initiative calling on members to donate medical supplies and funds to hospitals, community care centers, and elderly care centers in Southern California.

To this end, they have set up four working teams, which are responsible for different aspects, including the fundraising group, outreach group, medical supplies group and publicity group. With the same goal, it is to raise the necessary supplies as soon as possible to donate to the local institutions in need, and support the community and the country to fight the epidemic together.

The medical supplies group purchases, deploys, and distributes various materials, especially finding good quality materials that meet the requirements, including masks, protective clothing, goggles, gloves, and hand sanitizer, etc. they hope to find a suitable purchase as soon as possible and source of materials, and contact the institutions in need to donate immediately.

The first batch of supplies for medical surgical masks and protective clothing was donated to Beverly Hospital  on the afternoon of March 21 by Michael Xiong Chairman of the Board, accompanied by a live interview from the ABC7 and CBS2 stations.

On March 24, the Chinese American Federation donated 500 N95 masks, 4,000 medical surgical masks, 108 goggles and 2000 medical gloves, 9 sets of DuPont protective clothing to the Whittier Hospital Medical Center. the President of the Chinese American Federation Simon Shao, Chairman Michael Xiong, Chairman Supervisor Joey Yu Honorary Chairman Sher Li, Executive Chairman Huang Jing, and Executive Supervisor Zeng Xiaomei and other officials went to the medical center.

The CEO of Whittier Medical Center, Rick Castro, was moved to tears when he saw the donated materials. He said that now is the time when they are in short supply. These masks, goggles, gloves, and protective clothing are of great significance to their doctors, nurses and staff. This is the first donation they received from the Chinese community.

Now, the Chinese American Federation is extensively searching for more sources of medical supplies, and planing to donate more required materials to local hospitals, elderly centers, nursing centers and other medical institutions at critical moments in the coming weeks. President Simon Shao said, it is our duty to help the community we live in.

Led by Simon Shao and Michael Xiong, 5000 surgical face masks donated to Huntington Memorial Hospital on March 25.

Meanwhile, the Chinese American Federation calls for more donations including fund and medical supplies from local communities. For contact, please contact with Lu Zhou and Suki Song at Chinese American Federation 2213 Edwards Ave., South El Monte, CA 91733