Webinar On April 1st: COVID-19 Impacts for Business Owners

A Webinar Hosted by SVIEF
11:00am-12:00pm PDT, April 1st, 2020
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Main Topics:

Under COVID-19

  • Contemplate all financial stakeholder needs
  • Understand your ability to pull in any cash right now
  • Re-build your core business forecast
  • Current Equity & Stock Option Implications
  • Tax considerations
This Webinar Will Cover:

  • Tax considerations
    • Armanino CV-19 Emergency Response Team
    • Armanino Firm-Wide Task Force to immediately jump in to assist clients during this time
    • Understanding the Federal Actions, as announced by IRS Notice 2020-17 for Federal Relief
    • Understanding California Actions to assist with Tax Deferrals
  • Contemplate all financial stakeholder needs
    • What are your investors expecting
    • How do you handle tough decisions with your board
    • What funding is to be had in these times?
    • Suppliers/customers and employees all share your financial interests
  • Understand your ability to pull in any cash right now
    • Close to closing that round?
    • Do you have space on existing debt lines?
    • Working capital?
  • Re-build your core business forecast
    • Every assumption changes
    • Multiple scenarios
  • Line-by-line revenue and OPEX reviews
    • What can you really expect from customers and suppliers now and in the near term
    • What you thought was bone and muscle might be fat
  • Build detailed cash forecasts
    • You really have to know your runway to make plans with any certainty
    • These are IMMEDIATE needs where companies may need to enlist help in truly managing this process
  • Make the hard decisions faster than you want. Just live!
    • Surviving while others cannot is an incredible competitive advantage
  • Stock compensation
    • Considerations and effects of managing the timing of 409A updated valuations
    • How do updates of 409A affect the company or the Employees
  • How can R&D Credits assist the companies with immediate funding