Trump officials to limit Huawei’s chip access

Senior Trump administration officials have come to an agreement to limit the access of embattled Chinese telecommunications group Huawei to the global chip supply chain, Reuters reported Thursday.

The new rule would require foreign companies that use American chip-making equipment to obtain a license from the U.S. before being allowed to sell this equipment to Huawei, which is the largest 5G equipment manufacturer in the world.

According to Reuters, the decision was made to alter the Foreign Direct Product Rule to reflect the change around Huawei following a meeting on Wednesday between officials from various federal agencies.

Both the White House and the Commerce Department declined to comment to The Hill, while a spokesperson for Huawei did not immediately have a comment.

The move against Huawei follows months of pushback against the company from both the Trump administration and bipartisan members of Congress.

Concerns have largely stemmed from a Chinese intelligence law that requires Chinese companies and citizens to participate in state intelligence work and share data if requested.