Rizhao countryside shows off flowery spring

(chinadaily.com.cn)|Updated : 2020-03-26

Cherry trees are at the height of their beauty in Qianjiutiaogou, with the sea of white and pink flowers blanketing the remote village in Rizhao’s Donggang district.

The little-known village of less than 200 villagers has been building up a reputation as a great place to admire cherry blossoms in the spring and pick fruits in the summer, thanks to its improved living environment.

“We have been working to build a beautiful countryside with a pleasant living environment to increase the happiness among local villagers,” said Xu Congming, secretary of the village Party branch.

Xu Congming said that the village started construction of beautiful countryside years ago and the village has become a popular destination for urbanites looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and explore the tranquility and rustic charm of country life.

“We preserve local features such as stone buildings and cherry trees, but have built roads to connect the village with the outside world.”

Xu Congming said that the village is also home to many ancient trees, which is also an attraction for visitors from the “concrete jungles”.

The 300-year-old pear tree in the yard of Xu Maoxi, an 88-year-old villager, is the most famous.

“My ancestor planted this tree and about seven generations of my family have been looking after it. I’m very pleased to see visitors enjoying themselves in the village and taking photos of the blooming flowers,” said Xu Maoxi.


The blooming flowers add vitality to Qianjiutiaogou village in Rizhao’s Donggang district. [Photo/rzw.com.cn]


Visitors can enjoy the tranquility and rustic charm of country life in Qianjiutiaogou village. [Photo/dzwww.com]


Villagers have a chat over a cup of tea in Qianjiutiaogou village. [Photo/iqilu.com]32.jpg

Cherry and peach trees bloom in Qianjiutiaogou village. [Photo/dzwww.com]32.png

Chickens frolic under the blossoms in Qianjiutiaogou village. [Photo/iqilu.com]33.jpg

The blooming flowers adorn the stone buildings in Qianjiutiaogou village. [Photo/rzw.com.cn]36.png

The beautiful scenery in Qianjiutiaogou village in spring [Photo/rzw.com.cn]