Mali’s diplomat praises communication between Guangdong and African nations

Alima Danfakha Gakou, consul general of Mali in Guangzhou, said she highly appreciates the communication mechanism between Guangdong provincial government and consulates general of African countries and anti-epidemic measures taken by the provincial authorities.

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She specially appreciates the current daily meetings among consulates general of African countries and provincial and city governments to address the problems concerning African people in Guangdong during the epidemic.

These measures indicate the high importance the Guangdong government has placed on the issues concerning African people and consulates general in Guangdong, she said to the media in Guangzhou on Saturday.

The problems some African people encountered previously had to do with insufficient communication between the local governments and consulates general before some anti-epidemic measures were taken and consequent failure of consulates general in forwarding timely related information to African people, she said.

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In implementing the anti-epidemic measures, some information was not fully communicated to the service providers on the ground, said Teferi Melesse Desta, consul general of Ethiopia in Guangzhou.

He called on people to follow the information from the health commissions and governments, adding rumors lead to misunderstanding and confusions.

Gakou said she appreciates the strong measures taken by the Chinese government to curb the spread of the virus during the coronavirus epidemic and African consulates general have advocated the need among African people to abide by the anti-epidemic measures to safeguard their health.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, African people have been standing side-by-side with Chinese people, expressing their support for China.

African countries have received donations of anti-epidemic supplies by Chinese governments and companies and embraced Chinese medical expert teams.

This signifies the spirit of Sino-African solidarity and mutual aid, she said, adding only with solidarity and Chinese support can Africa win the fight against the epidemic.

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Zhang Xin, deputy governor of Guangdong, together with Chen Chunsheng, Party secretary of Sun Yat-sen University, and officials of a number of African consulates general met with some of African students at the university on Saturday.

Guangdong authorities pay high importance to the health and safety of expatriates in Guangdong, implement undifferentiated health management measures during the epidemic and oppose firmly any discriminative acts, Zhang said.

Sino-African friendship is deeply rooted and unbreakable in Guangdong. During the special time of countering the novel coronavirus epidemic, China and Africa should stand together to win the fight, he said.

Guangdong provincial government issued an open letter in Chinese, English and French on Saturday, urging Chinese and expatriates in Guangdong to join hands to win the fight against the epidemic.


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