Grant Will Help 230 Lennox and Athens Families Enjoy Peace and Quiet in Their Homes

Alhambra, September 11, 2020 – The Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) was recently awarded a $10 million grant to mitigate residential noise for individuals and families who live near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  The grant was funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARESAct, a $2 trillion economic security package that included several provisions drafted by Congresswoman Waters in her capacity as Chair of the House Financial Services Committee. The funds awarded were part of a $17.5 million grant to support local LAX sound mitigation sponsors.

Noise from planes flying into and out of LAX is extremely disruptive for people who live and work near the airport.  The $10 million grant will provide funding for approximately 230 single and multi-family residences in the unincorporated communities of Lennox and Athens. The FAA grant will help to alleviate the noise experienced by these individuals and families and allow them to enjoy peace and quiet at home.

The LACDA’s Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP) provides home  improvements at no cost to the homeowners and include, but are not limited to: sound-rated windows, doors, and air conditioning systems (to include necessary electrical system upgrades to accommodate air conditioners and be installed in strict compliance with COVID-19 safe construction protocols).  To participate, the property owner must submit an application that initiates the property qualification process that includes:  1) property assessment, and 2) required sound testing of the residence in order to qualify for the sound insulation treatments.

Emilio Salas, Acting Executive Director of the LACDA said, “We are grateful for Congresswoman Waters’ support in securing this funding that will allow us to continue improving the quality of life for residents that deal with airport noise on a daily basis, especially during a time when parents are working from home and students are trying their best to concentrate on their studies while remote learning.”

Since the RSIP’s inception, the LACDA has expended $168 million to sound insulate over 4,200 residential units, some of which are in Congresswoman Waters’ District, which has improved the quality of life of over 19,000 residents affected by airport operations.

Residents of Lennox and Athens may contact Leonor Pacillas at (626) 586-1815, or Bill Pro at (626) 586-1836, for more information on the LACDA’s RSIP. All media may contact Elisa Vásquez, LACDA Public Information Officer, at (626) 586-1762.