CRA President Rachel Michelin Responds to Governor Newsom’s support of Proposition 15

Sacramento, CA – September 12, 2020 – The California Retailers Association President Rachel Michelin made the following statement regarding Governor Newsom’s support of Proposition 15.
“I am disappointed that Governor Newsom announced today that he supports an $11.5-billion property tax increase—the largest in state history—while millions of Californians remain unemployed. For retailers, this means either higher property taxes or soaring rents when the state should be doing everything it can to help businesses get back on their feet.
Prior to the COVID19 pandemic, one in four California workers were employed in retail. If we are to see a robust economic recovery, these millions of jobs hang in the balance and a tax increase of this magnitude will only hamper that and lead to more retailers permanently closing their doors.
It’s a long road to economic recovery and California is already lagging behind.  California’s unemployment is more than three points higher than the national average. We do not need more obstacles to restoring jobs.
California retailers urge voters to vote NO on Proposition 15.”