Newchic Launches Global 2020 Fashion Design Contest in Los Angeles

“Where Self Expression is Fashion” Launches at Newchic’s 2020 Designer Contest; Contest to Commence on September 14, 2020

LOS ANGELES, CA / September 14, 2020 / Newchic, a fashion brand determined to disrupt the fast fashion industry by celebrating and highlighting the importance of individuality, accessibility, and socially conscious apparel, today announced that it will host its 2020 Newchic Designer Contest commencing on September 14, 2020. This year’s event will run until October 24, 2020. The top 10 will be announced on October 6, 2020, and the winner and top three finalists will be announced on October 24, 2020.

The Newchic 2020 Designer Contest is looking for passionate and dedicated designers worldwide to share their unique style and vision behind their designs in this year’s seven-week competition. The designer contest embodies the need for change between a brand/designer dynamic and presents an opportunity to reflect internal values better externally. Winners will have the chance to be mentored by leading fashion industry veterans and professionals, receive a cash award and receive a manufacturing sponsorship from Newchic.

The top ten participants will hand-make their designs and ship to Los Angeles for final judgment. The pieces will be modeled for a photoshoot, and the top three will be selected. Fabric and shipping costs are subject to reimbursement by Newchic. The final winners’ entire set will receive a chance to be completely manufactured by Newchic at no cost to the creator and will be featured exclusively on Newchic’s website post-contest for sale.

“We understand that fashion designers are artists, driven by celebrating individuality and unique points of view through your designs. But as the retail world focuses more and more on fast-fashion, creativity and the hallmarks of great design have to take a back seat,” commented Mr. Zou, President of Newchic. “Newchic wants to help the fashion industry reset and refocus on self-expression as the utmost pinnacle of fashion. We are thrilled to see what contestants have in store over the next few weeks.”

Celebrity fashion designer, Ashton Hirota, will lead the 2020 Newchic Designer Contest, who is featured in the Netflix show “Next In Fashion,” alongside fashion and marketing veteran and FIDM professor, Paula Franco.

“Newchic is thrilled to work alongside such well-known industry professionals. We look forward to creating a place for designers to offer them a sense of individuality in today’s modern fashion world. Whether you’re a trendsetter, up-and-comer, or designer in your spare time, join us today in celebrating the power of unique designs, original visions, and boundless creativity,” continued Mr. Zou, President of Newchic.

SOURCE: Newchic