Irvine Councilwoman Melissa Fox Garners High-Powered Support of Democratic Presidential Ticket in AD-68 Bid 

IRVINE, CA – In a significant jolt of momentum to her Assembly District 68 campaign less than three weeks from the election, today Irvine Councilwoman Melissa Fox earned a duo of powerful endorsements from Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris.

Councilwoman Fox released the following statement reflecting on the influential endorsements:

“I am incredibly honored to receive Vice President Joe Biden’s and Senator Kamala Harris’s endorsements in my campaign for State Assembly. Throughout his career, Vice President Biden has been a champion for working class families, working across party lines to uplift the people he represents. Senator Harris’s lifelong commitment to public service and pioneering record of fearless advocacy has also been a significant inspiration for my run for Assembly. Like Vice President Biden and Senator Harris, I am dedicated to providing responsive, bipartisan leadership for my constituents, rooted in common sense and decency. I’m tremendously grateful for their support, and look forward to joining them in the fight for greater access to affordable healthcare and ensuring the needs of everyday families come first.”

Previously, Councilwoman Fox’s campaign released a duo of new video ads that are airing districtwide on cable television and digital.

“Trust” underscores Melissa’s overwhelming support from prominent Democratic leaders, working men and women, and progressive groups, including firefighters, frontline workers, classroom teachers, Governor Newsom, and Planned Parenthood.