Home Textile Company Bedsure Launches Innovative Memory Foam Spring Mattress Topper

The home goods & textile experts launch their new product via their online store and Amazon

Los Angeles, October, 2020 – Joining the ranks of Bedsure’s other unparalleled home and bedding solutions is the new Memory Foam Spring Mattress Topper, a multi-layered topper thoughtfully designed to emulate both the supportive comfort of a memory foam topper and the breathable and lightweight buoyancy of a traditional spring mattress. This latest topper is ideal for those who prefer customized sleep support and a cool, breathable sleeping experience.

As the one of most popular bed-related products brands, Bedsure specializes in blankets and throws, mattress pads and protectors, and bed pillows and cushions. The company also sells bedding accessories, as well as towels and bathrobes.


Multi-Layered Memory Foam

To create the most supportive and adaptable topper, Bedsure has designed the Memory Foam Spring Mattress Topper using three different layers of material. The first layer is constructed using high-quality memory foam, so that your body is softly enveloped at all points. The second layer uses an innovational design by Bedsure: cylinder-shaped memory foam spring. This second layer is formed with 270-342 pieces of cylinder-shaped memory foam springs that are carefully lined up under the first layer, creating the same layout as traditional springs would, but in supportive memory foam form. The third layer is made with standard foam, to act as a solid foundation for the layers above it.

Innovational Memory Foam Spring

Setting this topper apart from most available on the market is its hybrid of traditional memory foam and spring mattress design. Though traditional memory foam is known for its plush softness and support, they tend to be very dense, tight, and not very breathable– making it a difficult option for sleepers who get warm or sweat through the night. While traditional spring, on the other hand, is breathable, it doesn’t offer the same support or softness that a memory foam mattress or topper can, not to mention the noises spring mattresses can make if you move or turn in bed.

Bedsure kept both of these distinctions at the top of mind when designing the new Memory Foam Spring topper. This topper embodies an extremely supportive core thanks to the different types of foam used throughout, but the second layer cylinder pieces create a more lightweight, breathable and noiseless sleeping experience.

Ergonomic Design

The key behind creating such a topper is through careful ergonomic design. To create the most supportive mattress– one that offers comfort to all points on the body in an even way – Bedsure designed the memory foam spring into five different zones, with each one providing customized firmness or softness to different parts of the body. Some zones offer more immediate support while others are softer and more enveloping, so that your neck, spine, back and even your legs are given the right amount of relief or pressure needed to get a restful night’s sleep.

 Breathable, Cool & Noiseless

One of the most striking distinctions between Bedsure’s Memory Foam Spring and traditional memory foam is that the unique cylinder shape pieces make the topper far more breathable and cool because the spring pieces allow more air flow into the mattress. The buoyancy and breathability of the spring layer mean that you can sleep cool and sweat-free throughout the night. The topper cover is made using high quality bamboo fiber, which also lends itself to sweat-free evenings thanks to its cool, breathable and soft-to-the-touch quality. Bedsure has also ensured that cleaning is easy; the spring topper features a zipper so that it can be easily removed for washing and put back on with ease.

Another feature that marks the memory foam spring topper’s superiority is that it’s noiseless. Perhaps one of the worst features of a traditional spring mattress is the noise and discomfort created by old, worn out springs. Because the “springs” in this topper’s case are made of premium memory foam, the Bedsure Memory Foam Spring Mattress Topper is noiseless and comforting throughout the night.

Sleep on Both Sides

If you’re looking for a variety of support when you sleep, this mattress topper can adapt to any of your needs. The memory foam side of the topper is highly soft and envelops your body as you fall asleep, but you can also turn the topper over and sleep on the standard foam side. This side is more firm and resilient and lends itself to sleepers who prefer toppers that aren’t as soft and enveloping. Each side is designed to cater to all of the different types of needs and comforts of sleepers.

CertiPUR-US Certified and Oeko-Tex Certified

Beyond creating bedding options that are comfortable and supportive to your body, Bedsure makes sure that their products meet health and safety standards, too. This mattress topper is both CertiPUR-US Certified and Oeko-Tex Certified. When you see the CertiPur-US Certification, you can know that your product has been tested to meet rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance and durability. Similarly, the Oeko-Tex Certification means the product has been tested and certified to be free of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health.

 About Bedsure:

Cozy up to snug, warm home linens from Bedsure. From the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep, Bedsure aims to make you and your family comfortable. That’s why Bedsure is always dreaming up new products to help you sleep well, wake up refreshed, and have that extra bit of comfort throughout the day. And because cost shouldn’t stress you out, Bedsure brings everyday value to everything from household basics to a range of high-tech fabrics and sleep solutions. Bedsure products suit every budget and are made for the way you live, all delivered directly to you with a smile.