Groundbreaking GOTV Effort Aims to Mobilize 1.5 Million Voters of Color in California

LOS ANGELES—The Million Voters Project, comprised of seven community and regionally based networks working to expand and strengthen democracy, has launched an unprecedented campaign to mobilize 1.5 million people of color, young people and immigrants to vote in California ahead of the November elections. The campaign aims to turn out new and infrequent voters ages 18-59 to back an agenda of racial justice and help Californians win bold and meaningful change across the ballot.


“We know a better world is possible if we come together and vote,” Amado Uno, director of Million Voters Project. “As we emerge from this crisis, the future is ours to build so that every one of us can care for our families, earn a fair wage, have a safe affordable home, and can plan for a secure future. Now more than ever we must pull together so that coming out of this crisis, corporations contribute their fair share and no one is left vulnerable.”


The unprecedented campaign will be conducted digitally and in-person, with a specific focus on counties in Sacramento, Central Valley, Orange County, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and San Diego, and aims to educate potential voters on what’s on the ballot, and information on where and when they can vote. In the coming weeks, the campaign will also announce partnerships with key celebrities and artists to amplify its message.


“While low-wage workers and workers of color are being pushed out of work or forced to risk their lives in order to keep their jobs, a small group of wealthy billionaires and corporate executives have gotten richer through tax cuts, corporate loopholes and blocking wage increases during the pandemic,” said Christina Livingston, executive director of ACCE Action. “When we come together, we can deliver powerful wins for California. We can rewrite a new contract for California, and make sure that everyone of us — without exception, no matter our skin color of where we came from — come out stronger, healthier and more ready for the future than ever.”

The campaign’s goal of mobilizing 1.5 million voters will be a gamechanger for California. Research shows that California’s likely voters do not represent the state’s demographic reality; Whites make up only 41 percent of California’s adult population but 55 percent of the state’s likely voters. By building political power of California’s majority, the Million Voters Project aims to transform the political landscape in the state, from swinging local and statewide elections to advancing bold structural change. The campaign will be conducted in various languages to reach California’s diverse populations, including Korean, Hmong, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Khmer, and Chinese.


“Our goal is to transform California’s electorate into the strongest progressive base possible,” said Diana Colin, political director of CHIRLA. “We are asking people to make their voices heard and commit to supporting a racial justice agenda for more resources for our local communities, restoring affirmative action and voting rights, expanding renter protections and keeping our communities safe and whole.”