Costa Mesa, CA – With 9 days to go until Election Day, the final pre-election campaign finance reports show Mayor Katrina Foley leading all other mayoral candidates with one candidate failing to file her report altogether.
Mayor Foley’s community support is deep and widespread. The breadth of her support is demonstrated by more than 420 unique donors totaling more than $100,000 raised since mid-June along with thousands of endorsements from local residents, public officials, and organizations.
Mayor Foley’s donations ranging from $2 to $5,000 come from residents of all 6 city districts, local business owners, retired judges, labor, public safety, attorneys as well as elected and public officials in Costa Mesa and across America.
Costa Mesa resident and monthly donor to the Foley for Mayor 2020 campaign Terri Fuqua said this, “As a 53 year resident of Costa Mesa, I have seen mayors come and go. None have been better or more resourceful than Katrina Foley. Katrina has done a remarkable job throughout her service to this city, whether it be on the School Board, City Council, or as Mayor. She is always ready to step up and step in when she is needed. It is refreshing to see someone who isn’t afraid to tackle the tough problems as well as small issues that arise. To that end, I am proud to support her campaign monthly as well as any other task I can do to help her re-election. This city needs strong leadership and has it in Katrina Foley.”
Mayor Foley continues to lead Costa Mesa successfully through the pandemic while simultaneously addressing the pre-Covid priorities like solutions to homelessness, quality housing our families can afford, public safety staffing, planning for our future with progressive environmental protection policies and an economic development plan that supports our local businesses.
Mayor Foley will continue working on the programs begun in February to respond to Covid impacts. Mobilizing our City Council and our City staff we:
–      Fed needy families
–       Assisted seniors
–       Froze evictions
–       Offered rent relief
–       Issued small business grants
–       Moved businesses outdoors
–       Educated the public through weekly Mayor’s Town Halls
–       Maintained public safety services
–       Worked to open the large testing facility at the Fair Grounds.
Mayor Foley’s knowledge of Covid and experience at city hall is necessary to lead Costa Mesa’s recovery.
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