LA County Military & Veterans Affairs Remembers the End of WWII by Honoring the Diverse Men & Women Who Fought For Our Freedom

LOS ANGELES, CA – This year Veterans Day marks a special milestone: the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. In remembrance of the more than 16 million Americans that served in the armed forces at that time, the Los Angeles County Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (MVA) is proud to present Unsung Heroes from the Greatest Generation, a documentary film featuring narratives from and about veterans who did whatever it took to promote freedom for all. The film premiers today and will be shown continuously throughout November and December on the LA County Channel (36).

Servicemen and women from all ethnic and racial backgrounds contributed to Allied victory in 1945, proving that when we all fight for one common goal, we can achieve anything.

In Unsung Heroes from the Greatest Generation, we learn history first-hand from:

  • Japanese-American Yoshi Nakamura, who enlisted while in an internment camp
  • Tuskegee Airmen Ted Lumpkin, who speaks about the brave flying missions of the Tuskegee
  • African-American Dolores Hickambottom, who speaks on behalf of her sister-in-law Verda May, a career service-woman
  • Edward Lopez, who flew over 100 combat missions
  • Dominik Pizzulli, who talks about transporting troops to Omaha Beach on D-Day
  • Joe Itson, who reminds us that the Merchant Marine played a key transportation role
  • Muriel and Mel Engleman, an Army Nurse and Marine Corps Dentist, who took care of those behind the lines
  • Curator Glen Roosevelt, who speaks on behalf of Navajo Code Talker Peter McDonald, Chinese American Wah Ting Tong and Mote Nakasako

Unsung Heroes from the Greatest Generation is dedicated to our nation’s brave men and women who answered the call to serve our country. The film creates a legacy of our heroes, so their children, grandchildren and future generations will remember their contribution, dedication and sacrifice. We must never forget the reason for fighting.

It is our hope that these stories resonate with a part of each of you, perhaps reminding you of a friend or relative, and that you enjoy hearing these impactful stories from the Greatest Generation.

At LA County Department of Military & Veterans Affairs, we serve those who’ve served.