Committee of 100 Statement on the U.S. Election Results

New York, NY (November 9, 2020) – The following statement was issued by Zhengyu Huang, President of Committee of 100:

“Committee of 100 congratulates President-elect Joseph Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their 2020 election victory, and we congratulate all those elected and re-elected for federal, state and local offices. This election is particularly historic, as we have the first woman, first Asian American and first African American elected as Vice President.

With geopolitical tensions rising and nationalistic and anti-immigration sentiments inflamed over recent years, this is a critical moment in U.S. history to showcase how various racial and ethnic groups have contributed to U.S. prosperity. C100 supports the full inclusion and advancement of the more than five million Chinese Americans in the U.S. and we believe that America is stronger because of our immigrant heritage and diverse citizenry. We encourage the new U.S. administration to openly address issues of systemic bias against all Americans across our great democracy.

As a non-profit, non-partisan organization of proud Chinese Americans united by our belief in core American values, C100 looks forward to the opportunity to engage the Biden/Harris administration and the newly elected U.S. Congress in promoting the full participation of Chinese Americans in all aspects of American life and to engage in fair and constructive relations between the leaders and people of the United States and Greater China.”