Warning: New Surge in COVID-19 Cases in LA County

We are in the middle of another alarming surge in our COVID-19 cases here in LA County. Over the past few weeks, cases and hospitalizations have risen steadily and we are seeing numbers we haven’t seen since this summer.

This spike means it is critically important we all keep doing the things we know slow the spread: Wearing masks, keeping our distance, and staying away from crowds and gatherings.

If you are hosting family for the holidays, outdoor-only, socially-distanced, and limited-household events are the way to go.

And keep in mind that the State of California is issuing a travel advisory for our state ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday: Non-essential travel is discouraged, and if you do leave the state during the holiday you should practice self-quarantine for 14 days after you get back.

In anticipation of a coronavirus vaccine being approved and ready for the public, I have asked the LA County Department of Public Health to work with local school districts to see how we can use schools as mass vaccination sites.

People’s lives and livelihoods depend on us getting this right. That means preparing now.