Biden team to begin getting COVID briefings

The Biden transition team will begin receiving briefings from federal agencies Wednesday on the COVID-19 response, Biden officials said Wednesday.

The transition team has requested briefings on the COVID-19 vaccine distribution, Operation Warp Speed, testing and the supply chain for personal protective equipment.

“They are moving forward expeditiously,” said Kate Bedingfield, a spokesperson for Biden.

“Obviously our teams have had a lot of time to work through the core questions that they need to pose and the pieces of information that they most want to have clear visibility into,” she added.

Agencies were not allowed to coordinate with the Biden team until a key Trump official officially approved the transition process this week.

Why it matters: Biden and his team will now be able to access information from federal agencies like the Department of Health and Human Services on its COVID-19 response thus far, better preparing his administration to take over in January.