Donate to the Los Angeles County Community Development Foundation to Support Public Housing and Section 8 Residents

Alhambra, CA, December 1, 2020 – The Los Angeles County Community Development Foundation (LACDF) is asking for support this Giving Tuesday to help inspire and provide positive life-changing opportunities to the Los Angeles County Development Authority’s (LACDA) Public Housing and Section 8 participants.

The LACDF is a non-profit organization with a mission to end generational poverty in households with limited means. Participants in the County’s Public Housing and Section 8 programs comprise some of the nation’s most disadvantaged families, seniors, and disabled persons. In partnership with the LACDA, the LACDF has taken on the challenge of ensuring that residents have the resources and opportunities to develop long-term self-sufficiency and economic independence.

One resource offered by the LACDF is the annual Resident Scholarship Program. In 2020, the LACDF provided scholarships to 27 Public Housing and Section 8 participants attending a four-year university, community college, or vocational program, totaling $27,000. The scholarships are made possible through private donors, LACDA employee donations, Edison International, and California Community Foundation.

Typically, the awardees are recognized at an annual conference, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the students were recognized in a video celebration. Watch the video here and hear how this scholarship has impacted their lives.

 Emilio Salas, LACDA Acting Executive Director, said, “Not only does the LACDF offer a variety of programs, it also offers opportunity. Opportunity for our residents to advance their education and shape their own future.”

Jeanette Montaño, LACDF Acting Executive Director, said, “I am inspired and proud of the effort our residents have put forth in pursuing their educational goals. Scholarship recipients have shared their future plans to become librarians, nurses, biochemists, and engineers, amongst many other important professions, and this is only the beginning of the endless possibilities!”

To donate or for more information about the LACDF, please visit or contact Jeanette Montaño, LACDF Acting Executive Director, at (323) 260-2208. All media may contact Elisa Vásquez, LACDA Public Information Officer, at (626) 586-1762.