Expands Award-Winning Compliance Platform to Include International Research Consortium’s Preclinical Study Standards

SAN DIEGO–Dec 1, 2020–, the healthcare industry’s leading marketplace for outsourced research, has partnered with Enhancing Quality In Preclinical Data (EQIPD) to help define and improve data quality within preclinical research. A self-certification questionnaire is now accessible via’s award-winning compliance solution COMPLi®, allowing global suppliers to self-certify prior to working with biopharma research organizations. With this self-certification, suppliers demonstrate their data integrity processes and procedures to potential clients.

“EQIPD’s holistic approach to tackling the challenges related to data quality within preclinical research aligns with our COMPLi standards, which provides researchers with the proper due diligence necessary to source from suppliers of preclinical services,” stated Matt McLoughlin, VP of Categories & Compliance. “We are working with EQIPD to ensure data integrity is at the heart of research.”

Currently, there are no globally accepted quality standards when it comes to reporting data generated by preclinical research. To define and implement such standards EQIPD has formed a consortium of key stakeholders that includes large pharma (including a number of current clients), biotech companies, academia and compliance solutions. The consortium works closely with Stakeholder Group members such as EQIPD is looking to develop best practices that can be shared across R&D in the life sciences.

“Use of the EQIPD-derived tools by stakeholders such as enables EQIPD to deliver its mission of improving data integrity standards across the global research community,” stated Anton Bespalov of PAASP, an EQIPD consortium member. “Their COMPLi platform can increase visibility to our work and ensure it aligns completely with the goals of EQIPD moving forward.”

“Including a self-certification questionnaire, based on the EQIPD standard, within COMPLi, streamlines and harmonises the data quality and data integrity due diligence process applied by biopharma research organizations during the on-boarding of preclinical service suppliers,” stated Sandrine Bongiovanni of Novartis Pharma AG.

Research organizations looking to self-certify or learn more about COMPLi can visit