Tai’an honored as National Civilized City in 2020

Shangdong, China – The city of Tai’an received the title of National Civilized City in 2020, local media reported.

The title is given to cities which excel in economic, political, cultural, public, and ecological construction.

Since it was first nominated for the title in 2015, Tai’an has become increasingly civilized. The city ranked 12th among national civilized cities in 2018 and 10th in 2019.

Tai’an has made full use of its resources to create a green environment as it seeks to become more civilized.

The urban and rural areas of the city are becoming more and more beautiful, and the quality of life for residents as well as the level of urban civilization are constantly improving.

Source: (chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2020-11-24