Bobcat and Lake Fire Private Property Debris Removal Deadlines Approaching

The County of Los Angeles has begun Phase II of the Private Property Debris Removal process for survivors of the Bobcat and Lake Wildfires. Property owners with fire debris on their properties must apply for one of the two following options and submit the appropriate forms by the deadlines.

Option 1 is called the “opt-in” Government-Sponsored Fire Debris and Hazard Tree Removal Program. This program is a no direct cost debris removal service for property owners who qualify and sign up. Work is completed by State-contracted professional crews and is coordinated by Los Angeles County. If a property owner opts-in, they must complete and submit a Right of Entry “ROE” Form before January 15, 2021. Commercial and publicly-owned properties will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Option 2 is called the “opt-out” Los Angeles County Local Fire Debris Removal Program. This program is for property owners who choose to remove debris using their own resources or who do not qualify for Option 1. If a property owner opts-out, they must complete and submit a Local Fire Debris Removal Program Application & Work Plan or a Partially Burned or Damaged Structures Application by January 31, 2021. All debris removal work must be completed by March 15, 2021.

Completed applications can be submitted in-person at the Antelope Valley Office of Building and Safety located at 355 A. East Avenue K-6, Lancaster, CA 93535. Please call (661) 524-2390 before delivering forms to the office. Documents can be dropped off at the office Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Forms can also be mailed to Los Angeles County Public Works, Environmental Programs Division, attention Bobcat Fire and Lake Fire Debris Removal Team, P.O. Box 1460, Alhambra, CA 91802.

Property owners can also email completed applications to either  [email protected] or [email protected]Please limit file size to 150 megabytes (MB) and contact the Public Works hotline at (626) 979-5370 if you do not receive confirmation within 2 business days.