Identify Unknown Patient help request to the public

Below Identify Unknown Patient help request to the public from Harbor-UCLA Medical Center:

Late Thursday, 12/24/20, close to 12:00 a.m. on Christmas morning, an unidentified Latino male was found lying unresponsive in the middle of the street with his skateboard.  It appeared he had been hit by a car.  He was found at 118th Street and Hawthorne Blvd in the city of Hawthorne and was brought to a local hospital.  The hospital is seeking the public’s and news media’s help in identifying this patient because he had no documentation or evidence of his identity with him in his property.  Below is a general description of the patient; anyone with information that may help to identify him is asked to contact the hospital at: (424) 306-6310.

Sex:  Male

Race/Ethnicity:  Hispanic/Latino

Approximate age:  early- to mid-20’s

Eyes:  Brown

Hair:  Black

Height:  5’4”

Weight:  140 pounds

Other descriptive information:  He has a mustache, thin to regular build, not muscular.  He has the words “love” tattooed on the right wrist, “justice” tattooed on the left wrist, and a dragon or serpent tattooed on the right upper arm.

Unidentified Patient