Another vaccine soon? Johnson & Johnson’s has promising immune response in early trial

A coronavirus vaccine from Johnson & Johnson was found to be safe and to generate an immune response in early trials, promising signs as research continues.

The results published Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine are from early-stage trials.

Watch for news later this month: The more conclusive results on the effectiveness of the vaccine are still to come in a phase three trial, which the company said Wednesday could be available soon, in “late January.”

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine would be a crucial addition to the two vaccines already authorized, in that it would allow for more doses to be available and it only requires one shot, rather than the two needed for Pfizer and Moderna’s products.

The results from the early trials released Wednesday found that all trial participants developed neutralizing antibodies against the virus by Day 57, and 90 percent had them by Day 29.

The vaccine was also found to be safe, with some common side effects like fatigue and headache.