California lifts regional stay-at-home order 

California on Monday lifted its regional coronavirus stay-at-home order because of slightly improving ICU conditions, health officials announced.

As a result, the state will return to the county-based restrictions established last summer. The change will allow non-retail services and businesses, such as outdoor dining and hair salons, to reopen immediately, subject to any additional restrictions required by local jurisdictions.

However, most counties will be returning to the strictest tier, which means indoor operations will remain suspended or severely limited.

The data: Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in December imposed the restrictions in regions where the ICU capacity dropped below 15 percent. Officials said the decision to lift the order was based on the four-week projections showing ICU capacity was above 15 percent.

According to state data, Southern California currently has 0 percent ICU capacity.  But the San Francisco Bay Area ICU capacity is now at 23 percent, and the San Joaquin Valley is up to 1.3 percent capacity — an increase from 0 percent. Statewide, ICU capacity is 4.5 percent.