The Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management will be on alert tonight due to the approaching rainstorm that may cause some debris or mud flows in communities that have recently had a wildfire burn nearby.

“Weather experts are telling L.A. County residents to get ready for some heavy rain, and communities located near burn scarred terrain may experience flash floods and mud or debris flows,” stated Kevin McGowan, Director of the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management. “ Our emergency response officials are world-class and will stand ready to defend lives, property and infrastructure if there are emergencies caused by this storm. But, we need collaboration from the public. It is critical for residents to be aware and prepared so that they can help keep themselves safe.”

The following safety tips can help County residents prepare themselves, their families and homes for rain storms and mud or debris flows:

  • Plan Ahead: Develop an emergency plan and know your property’s risk factors for flooding. Place sandbags on your property as needed before rainstorms. Keep your mobile phone and other devices charged with the ringer on so you can receive and hear emergency alerts throughout the night. Have working flashlights for all family members ready and within reach.
  • Be Evacuation Ready: If mud or debris flow threaten your community, authorities will issue evacuation orders. Prepare your family, pets and home ahead of time for the possibility of having to evacuate. Have a go kit ready with prescriptions and important documents. Park your vehicle facing the street so that you do not have to back out and in the driveway in order to avoid being stuck behind an electricity-operated garage door.
  • Stay Informed: Sign up for emergency notification systems available in your community. Identify which system is used by your local law enforcement agency for your neighborhood. Watch local newscasts and have a battery-operated radio handy so that you can access news if the power goes out. Follow verified social media accounts for local government, public safety agencies, and local news using the hashtag #LARain.

For more preparedness tips, visit ready.lacounty.gov, follow @ReadyLACounty or dial 2-1-1 to request resources and information.  To report storm-related damage or flooding, call LA County Public Works 24-hour Dispatch Center at 800-675-HELP (4357).