White House: ‘No decisions’ made on domestic travel restrictions

The White House has not made any final decisions on imposing domestic travel restrictions, press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday.

The comment from the White House came after a report said the administration was considering implementing one around Florida due to coronavirus cases.

“Well, I’ve seen those reports. We are always considering what steps are necessary to keep the American people safe, but we are not currently in the process of — no decisions have been made around additional public health measures that would delay or would change, I should say, domestic travel considerations,” Psaki said at a press briefing.

The Miami Herald reported Wednesday that the administration was weighing domestic travel restrictions that would target states that have been severely impacted by coronavirus variants, including Florida and California.

The Biden administration has imposed international travel restrictions to try and stem the spread of the virus, but domestic travel restrictions would mark a new step taken by the government that would, most likely, face backlash.