Second SolarWinds hack hearing

House lawmakers on both sides of the aisle lined up behind potential legislation Friday to put in place national breach notification requirements in the wake of a massive foreign cyber espionage attack.

Debate over the legislation took place during the second Capitol Hill hearing this week on what has become known as the SolarWinds breach. The House Homeland Security and House Oversight and Reform panels will hold several hearings on the breach as part of their joint investigation into the incident.

Bipartisan leaders of both committees expressed strong interest in examining breach notification laws as part of an effort to ensure the federal government has visibility into successful cyberattacks on the private sector, and two key lawmakers already have legislation in the pipeline to tackle this.

At the top of the hearing, lawmakers highlighted concerns over the cybersecurity stance of the federal government, blaming the SolarWinds incident on a “collective failure” to prioritize cybersecurity as a national security imperative.