Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei is backing the idea of tough global cybersecurity standards of critical supply chains, in particular following a recently uncovered major breach of many U.S. federal agencies.

“Set up global standards that are very tough … so that you have a hard baseline of good cybersecurity practices and thresholds and criteria, so you don’t have to go to bed at night worrying about your supply chain, whether you are a consumer, whether you are the customer, or whether you’re the government,” Don Morrissey, Huawei’s head of Congressional, State and Local Government Affairs, told The Hill during a virtual interview on Thursday.

Morrissey strongly emphasized the cybersecurity of Huawei products to The Hill on Thursday, and said the company backed the idea of the U.S. putting in place tougher standards for companies involved in critical supply chains.

“You see this in the SolarWinds case, you have a loose definition of a ‘trusted vendor’ that is a geostrategic appellation,” Morrissey said. “Then you have a trusted vendor that is used as a trojan horse for a nation state attack.”