LA City Councilmember Ridley-Thomas’ Statement on Overriding the Mayoral Veto and Reimagining Governance and Vital Services in Impacted Communities


“I am pleased to join my colleagues in advancing a budget grounded in reimagining governance and vital services—particularly public and community safety as well as homeless prevention and intervention strategies.” 


“The Council is poised to affirm the use of these funds to address areas of critical concern to the City of Los Angeles as expressed to us by our respective constituencies.” 


“As indicated in our transmittal, the Council has an opportunity to reimagine these resources in a manner that prioritizes meaningful investments in disadvantaged communities. In other words, the emphasis here is on equity, redefining public safety, and upending systematic neglect along racial lines, specifically as it relates to the number one crisis facing the City of Los Angeles, namely homelessness.”


“I look forward to working with residents across the 10th Council District to help shape timely and much-needed investments designed to tackle systemic poverty and inequities by preventing and addressing homelessness, expanding unarmed response strategies, and promoting job creation opportunities.”