Maryland to open vaccine eligibility to all at mass vaccination sites

Maryland will expand eligibility for coronavirus vaccinations to all adults over the age of 16 effective Tuesday, but initially only at the state’s mass vaccination sites, Governor Larry Hogan (R) said.

Beginning next Monday, April 12, all eligible Marylanders will be able to get a vaccine from any provider, Hogan said.

Teenagers aged 16 and 17 will only be able to get appointments at sites that use Pfizer’s vaccine, because it is the only one of the three vaccines on the market authorized for children under age 18.

The timing accelerated because Hogan said the state has been receiving more doses, and has been efficient at putting them into people’s arms. Hogan previously said that all Marylanders age 16 and over could get shots starting April 27.

More states allowing everyone a shot: Twelve additional states on Monday opened coronavirus vaccinations to everyone over the age of 16, bringing the nationwide total to 33. Later this week, Delaware, New York, Maine, North Carolina and Missouri will also open up vaccines to everyone over 16 years old. Including Maryland will bring the total to 39 states.

The moves are helping the Biden administration towards its goal of having 90 percent of U.S. adults eligible for the coronavirus vaccine by April 19. President Biden had previously set a goal of all U.S. adults being eligible for the vaccine no later than May 1.