CAGOP Statement on Crossing the Recall Verified Signature Threshold

Sacramento – Today, California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson released the following statement on the California Secretary of State’s announcement that California voters have enough signatures to qualify a recall election for the purpose of removing Governor Gavin Newsom from office:
“Secretary of State Weber confirmed voters have qualified a recall election to remove the worst governor in California history, Gavin Newsom, by verifying more than 1.5 million signatures. Proponents submitted 2.1 million signatures from voters across political parties and a range of diverse constituencies who agree that California has been devastated by an arrogant and incompetent politician. Newsom kept children out of school by not standing up to the teachers’ unions. He lied about suffering through Zoom school with California parents while his own children attend in-person private school. His unemployment department paid billions in fraudulent claims but can’t return calls to legitimately out-of-work Californians. He hypocritically ignored his own rules and dined mask-less, indoors at the French Laundry while too many Californians stood in bread lines for the first time and were told not to gather with others. Voters signed recall petitions because California is on the wrong track, and we deserve better than the failures of this incompetent governor. Gavin Newsom earned this recall, and we look forward to helping him into early retirement later this fall.”