Los Angeles County Health Officer Order to Align with New CDC Recommendations

Los Angeles County will be adjusting our Health Officer Order shortly to align with the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on when and where people need to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The CDC new recommendations support the continued need for everyone, including those fully vaccinated, to wear masks while in crowds where 6-feet of distance from other persons is not possible, while at large events and gatherings, and in indoor settings where unvaccinated people may be present. Because COVID-19 can still easily spread, unvaccinated people, who remain at highest risk of becoming infected, need to continue wearing masks in all settings where they are around people not in their household.

While these changes are appropriate and science-based, they can create unintended risk if individuals not yet fully vaccinated discontinue wearing their masks in situations where they may become infected. More than 50% of the people living in Los Angeles County are not yet fully vaccinated and intermingling with others who are not vaccinated and unmasked increases the possibility of virus transmission. Given the continued threat of variants, masking and distancing are essential protections for those not yet vaccinated.  The only safe way for us to enjoy more activities without masking and distancing, is for everyone eligible to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as they can. This week, people 16 and older living or working in Los Angeles can just show up at a County-run site during operating hours to get vaccinated.

The County will modify the Health Officer Order to reflect these changes and provide guidance on additional activities and settings this week.