Google child care workers ask for transportation stipend

A group of Google workers who provide child care services and education for other employees’ kids are circulating a petition urging the Silicon Valley giant to provide them a stipend to cover transportation costs.

Many of the 148 workers are being asked to return to in-person child care services this week after working online throughout the pandemic, but the shuttle transportation system remains offline.

“Childcare workers never expected or anticipated being called back to on-site work while Google’s transportation services are still suspended,” reads the petition, which is being circulated by the Alphabet Workers Union.

Workers who asked for assistance say they were told “transportation is just a perk, not a benefit” by Google.

The Hill has reached out to the company for comment on the petition.

Nearly 100 Alphabet workers had signed the petition as of Friday afternoon calling for child care workers to get a $1,500 per month stipend until transportation operations resume.

Alphabet reported $17.9 billion in net revenue in the first quarter of 2021.