Successful Full Volume Test of Evacuation Alert System Conducted at Torrance Beach

Quieter tests scheduled for May 20, 27

TORRANCE, California—The Department of Beaches and Harbors conducted a successful full volume test of the Beach Emergency Evacuation Lights System (BEELS) this afternoon. Visitors to Torrance Beach heard the siren and emergency evacuation alerts in English and Spanish, and they may have seen flashing lights on permanent structures and two lifeguard towers.

Today’s test, which was the second full volume test and the third test overall, focused on the volume of the siren and emergency announcements. While decibel readings were not immediately available, the announcements could be clearly heard at Avenue G in Redondo Beach and 1,000 yards offshore.

During a real evacuation, BEELS will flash white LED lights mounted on permanent structures and some lifeguard towers, as well as broadcast an audible siren and an evacuation announcement in both English and Spanish. The announcement message will change depending on the evacuation type, and the lights will flash slowly for a water-only evacuation and quickly for a full water and beach evacuation.

While other beach evacuation alert systems may have sirens and announcements, BEELS is the first beach evacuation warning system worldwide to incorporate flashing lights specifically designed to alert people who are deaf or hard of hearing to an evacuation.

The lights flashed at the correct intervals for each evacuation announcement during today’s test.

The next BEELS tests are scheduled for May 20 and 27 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. They will be conducted at a lower volume than today’s test. No evacuation announcements will be played for either test.

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