The United States and the Holy See: Partners in Addressing Climate Change and Promoting Human Rights

06/27/2021 08:28 AM EDT


Office of the Spokesperson

Secretary Antony J. Blinken will travel to Vatican City on June 28, where he will meet with Pope Francis and Archbishop Paul Gallagher to discuss efforts to work together to tackle the climate crisis and promote peace and human rights around the world.

The United States Celebrates Strong Relations with the Holy See

  • The United States and Holy See enjoy a close partnership to promote human rights, combat human trafficking and climate change, and seek peaceful solutions to crises around the world.
  • The Holy See maintains formal diplomatic relations with 183 countries. Its influence extends to more than 1.3 billion Catholics worldwide and millions of non-Catholics as well.  With a grassroots presence in almost every country in the world, the Holy See is a critical partner.
  • The Holy See – through Catholic religious orders, lay communities, and faith-based organizations – is among the greatest humanitarian forces in the world.
  • The United States values its cooperation with the Holy See and Catholic organizations on the ground to deliver humanitarian aid successfully and efficiently to individuals and communities in need all around the world. By maintaining and strengthening diplomatic relations with the Holy See, the United States benefits from its unparalleled global presence.

Tackling the Climate Crisis

  • His Holiness Pope Francis has shown longstanding leadership on the imperative to tackle the climate crisis, calling on political leaders and civil society to care for the environment.
  • The United States and Holy See are working together to raise countries’ collective ambition to address the climate crisis, including by raising and implementing national emissions reductions targets.

Promoting Human Rights is a U.S.-Holy See Priority

  • The protection of human rights is a key priority for the United States. The Holy See has long been a global champion of human dignity, and the United States looks forward to working with the Vatican on this issue.
  • The Holy See has a long history of promoting freedom of religion or belief, including through advocacy and interfaith dialogue.

Partnering with the Holy See to Combat Human Trafficking

  • Human trafficking is a threat to international peace and security.  Traffickers undermine the rule of law and violate human dignity, robbing women, children, and men of their freedom.
  • The Holy See and the United States share a common commitment to the fight against human trafficking, and the Holy See is a valued partner in the global effort to prevent this heinous crime.