Celebrating the Renewed Commitment to U.S. – Ukraine Science and Technology Cooperation

09/01/2021 05:17 PM EDT


Office of the Spokesperson

The U.S. Department of State, together with Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are pleased to announce the entry into force of the latest extension of the Science and Technology Agreement between the Government of the United States and the Government of Ukraine.

This Agreement reinforces the continued collaboration between our countries and prioritizes current and future science and technology cooperation.

Science and technology cooperation between the United States and Ukraine is grounded in the values of respect for all stakeholders, for the benefit of all citizens.  This cooperation is rooted in our shared commitment to foundational scientific values and principles, including reciprocity, meritocracy, openness, and transparency.  Our science and technology collaboration over the past two decades has supported a strong and independent Ukraine by:

  • Advancing progress on Ukraine’s sustainable energy needs, while modernizing its nuclear infrastructure to reduce its carbon footprint;
  • Strengthening the cybersecurity of critical networks;
  • Supporting Ukraine’s aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

We will continue to seek ways to deepen our cooperation in energy, health and life sciences, and biotechnology by deepening our ties at the university and government levels.