Photo exhibition highlights Chinese landscape in Southern California

Costa Mesa, CA, Sept. 17 – South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa is celebrating Asian cultures this week by hosting the Autumn Harvest Festival in Garden Terrace at South Coast Plaza. Consul General Zhang Ping, Madame Chen Wei, Cultural Consul Wang Taiyu and Cultural Counselor Wang Jin to visit South Coast Plaza’s Autumn Harvest Festival on Sept. 16.

The centerpiece of the Autumn Harvest Festival is “The Magnificent Nature of China: Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains,” a 48 piece photo exhibit of these pristine landscapes divided into 15 categories—mountains, lakes, deserts, Danxia landforms, peak forests, yardangs, canyons, waterfalls, glaciers, forests, coasts, wetlands, caves, grasslands, and islands—displaying China’s natural beauty to the world. It is presented by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, courtesy of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China on display, on level 2 in the Nordstrom wing through Sept. 21.

Ping Zhang, China’s consul general in Los Angeles, remarked that the interactive exhibit will help local residents to know more about China and may encourage them to visit China.

Featuring breathtaking landscapes and cultural scenes captured by photographers of China, ” The Magnificent Nature of China ” highlights the numerous natural wonders of China.

China is home to a vast, surpassingly beautiful territory with a variety of natural landscapes. As of 2019, China has established 474 national nature reserves, 897 national forest parks, 1,051 scenic and historic areas, 613 geoparks, and 111 special marine protected areas (marine parks), which have become tourist hot spots for both domestic and foreign travelers.

In 2005, a committee of 200 scientists, sociologists, writers, and photographers selected 114 sites that best reflect the natural splendor of China from a pool of 500 candidates.

The festival highlights China’s Mid-Autumn Festival and the Korean Cheosuk and Vietnamese Tet Trung Thu celebrations, which are traditionally observed in the eighth month of the lunar calendar as a time for gathering, giving thanks for a good harvest and praying for good fortune.

Consul General Zhang Ping

Consul General Zhang Ping and David Grant. general manager of South Coast Plaza

Charlie Zhang and his wife (Left 1 and 2)

Noted pipa player Celia Liu (Right)