International Shufa Association announces two categories calligraphy Prizes kick off

Los Angeles, Sept. 30, 2021 – International Shufa Association announced at an online conference on September 30 that it will set up two international Chinese calligraphy prizes, one is the “Yan Zhenqing Prize” for youth; the other is the “Wang Xizhi Prize” for adults and youth.

Zheng Tong, the secretary-general of International Shufa Association

“Wang Xizhi and Yan Zhenqing are not only the history of calligraphy but also the most proud of the great figures in the history of Chinese civilization. The classics they created will always be models of calligraphy. Named after them, just like the Nobel Prize, it expresses the reverence of future generations to the sages”. said Zheng Tong, the secretary-general.

According to Zheng Tong: “The Yan Zhenqing Prize International Calligraphy Contest is held once a year. The first edition started with the Youth Contest, which is divided into four levels: elementary school students, junior high school students, high school students and college students. The content of the post is classic famous posts in various calligraphy. The Wang Xizhi Prize International Calligraphy Competition is held every two years in a biennial competition. Both adults and young people can participate. The text content written by the participants is required to be original works written by themselves. This requirement is that this competition is different from other calligraphy competitions. Features and Highlights The two competitions respectively set up three levels of First, Second, and Third prizes. The specific matters of the competition will be released through the official website various media.”

Haixin Tao(Middle), Chairman of the council of International Shufa Association

Students from the Junior Chapter are learning calligraphy